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Average is 20 OT drafted and 10 in top 100...maybe light at top of the draft after Robinson but good 2-4 rd depth then major fall off. 

Sparq, short times(short shuttle/3 cone), height, arm length, hand punch and and wonderlic/brains rule...ask Greg Robinson who had awful short times at the combine and has been a bust for the Rams

1. Cam Robinson Alabama 6'6 332 35 1/2 arms NFL body junior a top 5 pick if he stayed in school very strong run blocking  very competitive kid with all pro potential

2. Ryan Ramczyk Wisconsin 6'6 310 33 3/4 arms LT feet  solid in pass pro and functional strength in run blocking.  Needs upper body strength but early starter  former JC player who came out early  one and done. 

3. Garett Bolles  Utah 6'5 300  34 arms mean streak..very aggressive   top athlete 25 years old late 1st/2nd 1st team 6 ALL-PAC-12

4. .Dion Dawkins Temple Temple 6'4 5 320  35 arms criminal justice major all academic LT prospect Senior Bowl  solid OT prospect but feet might force him to RT/G  strong hands finishes blocks.    little top heavy/loses balance  2nd rd

Forrest Lamp Western Kentucky 6-4 309 32 1/4 elite LT kicks inside..not a sure thing inside lacks power/punch at guard but elite pass protector  so good in pass pro he makes it look boring similar height/arms similar to all pro Duane Brown

5.Antonio Garcia Troy 6'6 303 33 3/8  arms LT in college flashed in Senior Bowl.  solid in pass pro will work in as a run blocker raw but with starter potential mid 2nd/early 3rd

6. Roderick Johnson Florida St 6'7 300 36 arms  junior  LT really flashes talent at times but also with some bust potential with his inconsistent play.  Good kid.

7. Adam Bisnowaty Pittsburgh 6'6 307  33/ 3/4 arms  struggle in 1v1 matchups at Senior Bowl at LT.  Very good LT in college will likely move inside or play RT in pros.  Great work ethic, team leader and smart.Oline coaches will love him.  Similar to Havenstein on Rams an early starter

8.Zach Banner 6083 353  34 7/8 arms USC confident and funny huge RT prospect pff top pass blocking RT in 2016 2nd

9 Julien Davenport Bucknell 6066 310 10 1/2 hands 36 1/2 arms,  perfect measureables  strong hands very raw solid developmental LT prospect good kid finishes blocks articulate tall, well muscled   NFL body 3rd/4th 4 year starter at LT team captain Senior Bowl

10. Taylor Moton 6'5 327 34 1/8 Western Michigan heavy legged RT will play G at Senior Bowl.  likely best at guard smart business major

11. Avery Gennesy Texas A&M, 6'3 308  33 5/8 arms  jc kid lacked grades but made SEC all academic in 2014 agricultural leadership and development major. Barrow chest thick trunk soft talking country kid finished blocks, strong hands..good job of locking onto defenders light on his feet for a big bodied man good player 2nd

12. John Heck North Carolina 6'6 300 long arms very solid RT prospect just lacks upper body strength

13.Erik Magnuson Michigan, 6'4  ½ 305   32 1/8 arms avg athlete looks like a 4th/6th rd backup G/RT prospect 36 starts on the oline at rt/g sociology major didn't play freshman 7 starts his soph season at guard

14 Conor McDermott UCLA 6'8 305 Pac 12  2nd team

15 Robert Leff Auburn 6'6 299  pff top ranked OT in SEC RT late bloomer very smart good vs run
16 Austin Senior Mississippi State 6045 322 10 33 7/8 82 3/4 Senior Bowl

17. Dan Skipper Arkansas, 6'9 320 2X all academic SEC Biology major National Honor Society in high school

played guard, Left tackle and Right tackle..rt as a senior overcame a bad temper 3.9 gpa massive body but really struggles to redirect and get leverage

18. David Sharpe Florida 6'6 343 35 5/8  junior avg ot per pff  better in pass pro but does overextend and loses balance struggles in get low as a run blocker has talent but needs kits of work
19 Javarius Leamon, SC St 6'7 332 35 1/4 arms Fluid LT prospect  soft spoken, great developmental LT

20.Will Holden Vanderbilt 6'7 313 LT 2X all academic 2nd team SEC  good player average athlete  RT/Backup type

Jylan Ware Alabama St has NFL starter qualities as a LT 6'7 315 long arms and quick feet very raw but will easily make a teams ps  one of few LT devolOpental LT prospects in this draft  

21. Nick Callender Colorado st, LT runs well has quickness but lacks punch/strong hands and power 6th/udfa type

22.Jonah Pirsig Minnesota 7'8 325 RT 3rd team Big 6th/udfa
23. Eric Smith Virginia 6'4 1/2 305 pff 2nd ACC RT smallish OT quick/flexible shows anger/passion on the field
24.  Storm Norton  Toledo 6'8 310 36 1/4 arms 2x 1st team MAC at LT shrine game  long arms good at 2nd level decent later rd OT prospect

25. Andreas Knappe U Conn long blond hair nickname Thor very good RT prospect very smart/physical  strong hands/good eyes 2C all academic 2x team captain just likes playing football

 Jerry Ugokwe:  William & Mary 6'7"/318, 35 3/8 " arms. combine senior bowl watch list nflpa econ major tall, muscular build RT prospect

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