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last updated 1/01/2017

avg number drafted 12 last 5 years.  5 in top 100.  Avg 1 maybe 2 starters a year.   weak class in 2017

when evaluating I start with swag..all top qb's have a narcissist type confidence.  They are the ones who succeed in the 4th quarter.  In fact out of 16 Meyer Briggs personality types many of the Hall of Fame qb's have the exact same personality type...Forget that "face of the franchise" bs...you want a rebel.    The QB who is willing to call his own plays and lead in the 4th quarter.  Swagger

2nd touch/vision. Can they throw to their te's, can they loft a ball over a lb and in front of a safety and most importantly can they find a te/wr in the back of the end zone in the red zone..either they have it or they don't.
3rd size/arm decent height/weight to survive and and at least an average NFL arm.  Lot of stars in spread offenses lack the arm strength to hit wr's on deep outs.
pocket presence/courage  feel inside the pocket and courage to take a hit to make a play.  

ability to throw accurately on the move and using different throwing angles.    Can't count on a clean pocket.  All college qb's should complete 60% of their passes but how well they can throw into tight windows matters more. 

1. Desaun Watson Clemson 6'2 215 Zak Prescott type QB  a winner graduated college in 3 years quick release..fits the new era of mobile qb's

2. Pat Mahomes  Texas Tech 6'2 229 true gunslinger..throws the from all angles, will run slide or take a hit  young Brett Favre type qb, true gunslinger dad played 11 years in the MLB  all academic love his feet/coordination..  has he right Meyers Briggs personality type to succeed

3.Mitch Trubisky North Carolina 6'3 220 junior very few starts, raw, very athletic, mobile qb with solid arm strength and quick release to be a day 1 starter.  solid character scores...normally a mid/late 1 but in a weak QB draft might go very early

4. Brad Kaaya Miami tall reminds of Goff  same build quick release better football personality

5.Nathan Peterman Pittsburgh 6024, 225. 9 7/8 hands  3X Academic Honor Roll looks like a NFL qb big frame accurate passer plays in a pro set physically reminds me of Kurt Warner  both physically and personality.. really notice his passes in tight windows

6. DeShone Kizer Notre Dame soph 6'4 230 good runner below avg accuracy with NFL arm  has the tools and passes the eyeball test likely over drafted

7. Seth Russell Baylor  6-2 7/8, 203. broke ankle in Nov 16 hurt neck in  7th game in 2015 Senior Bowl nfl arm/accuracy solid body good runner 1240 yards in his career, graduated in May 2016 but with serious lnjury history  likely #2/3 draft pick if he was healthy solid character leader type of player has his pilot license

8. Davis Webb Cal 6045 229 9 1/8 hands  4,295 yards with a 37/12 TD/INT ratio in 12 games this season better bigger/stronger then Goff with similar arm strength  but slower release Senior Bowl Texas Tech has thrown for 9852 yards in his career very nice touch on rb screens.  reminds  me of Sean  Mannion

9. Jerod Evans Virginia Tech 6'2 238 best runner in the draft strong arm and touch but sociology major, jc transfer, junior and plays in a spread...adds up to a long time to learn a NFL playbook..  too talented to hide on ps and maybe won't be a #2 for awhile..team has to be willing to carry 3 qb's on 53 if they draft him similar to former Virginia Tech  qb Tyrod Taylor

10. C.J. Beathard Iowa CJ Beathard QB Iowa 6025 219 9 1/8 hands 31 arms lacks elite arm/size but a Zak Prescott winner type of qb more accurate passer then Prescott was in college great later rd pick at qb  senior Bowl best later rd qb sleeper in draft

11 Josh Dobbs  Tennessee 6'2 1/2 210 2nd SEC named 3rd smartest college player in 2015.  Senior Bowl, genius, quick release, strong arm, scrambles, good runner, strong enough to run through arm tackles with only avg accuracy in mid/long passes  as a spread qb might be a #2 qb in the NFL

12..Chad Kelly Mississippi  6'2 224 athletic avg accuracy/ strong arm   backup type   Named to SEC Academic Honor Roll in 2015-16 ... Made Dean’s Honor Roll for Spring 2015 ... Has a 3.02 GPA after spring 2016 semester has a solid chance to make a team as their 3rd qb or ps

13.Sefo Liufau Colorado 6'3 230 econ major very bright Senior Bowl 4X starter Freshman All American 8932  career passing 761 rushing

13. Antonio Pipkin Tiffin 6'2 210 Senior bowl   2016 GLIAC PLAYER OF THE YEAR  2,534 passing 64.9 completion percentage while also rushing for 757 yards (68.8 yards per game). Pipkin is 3rd qb l in Division II history to gain 2,000 yards rushing and 10,000 yards passing in a career.. 4x four-time All-GLIAC honoree  better runner then passer has NFL arm but lacks accuracy 7th/udfa

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